Monday, 31 May 2010

The Right Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter

Today's guest article comes from Dave Simpson. Dave writes:

Website traffic isn't just about large amounts of readers; high quality is also a very important factor.

The key to Twitter-fed targeted traffic generation is generating followers. Roughly 25-30% of followed Twitter users will follow a person in turn. If the Twitter account appears to be a spam blog, no one will follow it. When the Twitter account pertains to a theme through which the Twitter fellow member may well possess some interest, they'll follow it. You'll also require much more than just one Twitter account simply because every single account caps at two thousand followers. You need to have an unique e mail account for every single Twitter account so act keeping that in mind. Two to 3 accounts per targeted search term stream is advised.

So, do you know the simplest ways to make certain folks follow you back again?

You will have to decide on your Twitter title very carefully. A Twitter brand that reflects the subject of your respective visitors stream is ideal for this objective. As an example, a traffic stream which promotes cartoons games may well be called some thing like anime_games (though we're sure it is used). You may also want an image that echos the topic of this Twitter accounts. You may well wish to choose a Twitter design and style that operates seamlessly using the site to which you're sending site visitors. A custom background to match your traffic target web page could be best for a smooth layout.

Twitter-related applications are legion, as we have now pointed out. You will discover so many tools that you will find lots of great Twitter resources. You will want tools for Twitter account mining and following. The one many use is Twollo. Various other similar application with their personal strengths and weaknesses are Social Oomph, (which was once referred to as Tweet Later and contains some other features), Mr. Tweet and Tweet Added.

Along with automatic applications for following people, there are several services that let you set and forget your Tweets. I'd personally often advise applying this carefully as you do not want to come across as a spammer - nothing will make folks head faraway from you quicker than this I'm afraid. Nevertheless, if methods like Twuffer and SocialOomph are employed the right way, then, once more, they may be good timesavers.

Believe it or not there are also Twitter applications that can Allow you to make Cash on autopilot. RevTwt enables you to get paid for sponsored tweets For your Customers and there are numerous you to set up scheduled campaigns, Tweeting messages at predetermined times for Optimum Impact.

The question is not how to generate traffic with Twitter. The real problem will be in discerning what to do with all the traffic you've produced.

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