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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Solopreneur Juggling Act

There are so many hats for the solo-prenuer to wear that it can be a juggling routine. There are so many balls in the air and each one can take on many forms:
... marketing... online, offline, in person... networking events, which ones, what is the goal, does it fit with the business... work on billing, invoicing... planning new products... recapping the quarter, updating plans for the next quarter... online seminars, in person development... client attraction, client retention, client relationship building and the list can go on and on, creating massive hurdles that can be difficult to overcome. The solopreneur needs to be the master of many functions.

Try the following tips to push past the juggling act and into a smooth routine process that can help develop efficiency and a more productive work environment:

Plan time to respond to emails and voicemail. Do not look at every message as soon as it arrives in the inbox.
Plan a time to focus on specific parts of the business. An hour a week for marketing or recapping if that is what is required.
Be selective and plan which networking events to attend. Use tools such as LinkedIn to see who is attending the event or call then organizer to understand the guest list. This can help with planning who to meet or if the guests at the event match your target audience.
Set ringtones to specific callers. This way there will not be a chance to miss calls from the school or personal emergencies, leaving other calls to go to voicemail if you have set that plan in place.
Determine if activities are focused on the business or are they simply distractions taking away from productivity.
Do not be afraid to suggest appointment times for clients and prospects. Providing an open calendar will cause changes to business activity commitments.
When creating project plans, include obstacles and how to overcome them should they arise.
Plan time to review trends, stay on top of emerging opportunities and do follow up on project planning.
Enlist in experts to take work away such as a book keeper or a virtual assistant, leaving more time to focus on actual business with your expertise.
Take time to re-energize, regroup and reflect on accomplishments, giving a fresh perspective to moving forward towards your goals.

The list can go on, as any solopreneur knows. Try a few and see what works and, step by step, the juggling will stop.

Lora Crestan has over 20 years experience in personal and business development including retail management, leadership development and marketing communications. By applying her coaching skills with you to your business, both you and your business reach new heights. Go to and learn more.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Top 10 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Today's video shows the Top 10 Mistakes Most Business Owners make:

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Solopreneurs: Attraction Strategies for New Clients

Pat Wiklund is our guest article writer today. Pat says:

In traditional marketing parlance, there are two primary ways of filling your professional practice.

You can push your message out to the public, or to your narrower niche market. You can send letters, announcements of your new services, or call people on the phone.

The second way, the way that is more comfortable for most of us, is to have your phone ring because of all the things you are doing that aren't really traditional marketing activities. Have what you do with your current clients, your professional network, or even the community events in which you participate as just one of the folks, not necessarily in your professional role, pull potential clients to you.

It's called pull marketing.

Potential clients see what you've done for others, or what you can do and want to engage you. Current clients are so pleased with what you have done, they want more. Word gets out about you. Your phone rings out of the blue, with a request for service from folks you don't even know you!

A couple of examples from colleagues and friends:

A colleague was 3 days out from the big all hands kick off for a series of programs for a state agency. The state legislature hadn't approved the budget yet, and all the monies for any outside services had been held back. He told the client he'd do the kick off meeting anyway, even though he wouldn't be paid. She guaranteed he'd be the first consultant back on the payroll once the budget was passed. And, she made good her promise.

A woman who's doing sub-contracted training is treating every client as if it were one of her full fee training sessions, even though she's paid a fraction of her fee.

When I announced I was automating my coaching newsletter for my consulting clients, I was asked if it weren't too much trouble, could I add a few more names to the list. Another client asked why wasn't I charging for what I was offering. She'd gladly pay for it. I told her to just subscribe all of the managers in her department.

In each of these examples, the professional was showing, not just telling, clients, and potential clients how dedicated, generous, and accommodating they could be. The focus was on "how can I best serve you, my client." It is a focus that will come back to you multiplied many times over.

Pull marketing: drawing prospects to you and developing additional business with current clients by being generous and accommodating.

How can you incorporate pull marketing activities into your strategic marketing plan?

Pat Wiklund is known as the One-Person Business Turnaround Specialist. She works with professional services business owners so they can make more money and get more personal satisfaction from their work. Start taking charge of your business and your life with her Business Tune-Up mini e-course at

Thursday, 10 February 2011


The arousal theory of motivation says we are motivated to do things to keep our level of arousal at a level that makes us happy. This becomes our optimal level of arousal, and we are motivated to do activities that maintain us at that optimal level. We will try to avoid a level that is too low and avoid a level that is too low.

There is a fascinating corollary to the arousal theory of motivation called the Yerkes-Dodson law, which says that your arousal level impacts you in another way. It states that how your performance on tasks is impacted by your arousal level depends upon the difficulty of the task. Your performance on both simple and difficult tasks will initially be better as your arousal level increases (as you get more aroused), but a point will come where your performance on the difficult tasks will start to suffer as your arousal level increases. Your performance on the simple tasks, however, will not suffer by the increase in arousal level.

We want to stay in charge of our motivation. So how should we use this information to increase our motivation?

This is the model for self motivation:


This means that your motivation is related to your vision (that special change you want to make in your life), your successability (your confidence in your competence, that is, your ability to make the change) and your environment, both your physical environment (where you will do the work necessary to make the change) and your social environment (the people and organizations available to you).

The model for self motivation tells us that any positive steps you take to impact your vision, successability or environment will automatically positively impact your self motivation.

We use the Yerkes-Dodson law to increase our motivation by exercising our control over our physical environment, the place we do our work on our goals and dreams.

We do this by looking at the task we are doing and comparing it to our physical environment.

Is it a complicated/difficult task, or is it an easy/simple task? If it is the former, we need to be extra careful that our environment does not over arouse us. Music blasting, television distracting, children running in and out, phone ringing, email announcements, are all going to raise our arousal level. But a high arousal level is not what we want, not when we are attempting a complicated/difficult task. If this is the situation you are facing, a difficult task and an over stimulating environment, something needs to change. You need to exercise your intent to make it work.

You have three options:

1) Change the environment, which means reducing the things in your environment that are arousing you. Turn off the television, turn down the music, lock the door, silence your phone.

2) If you can't change the environment, move to a less stimulating environment. Go to the library, or to a book store.

3) If you can't change the environment, and you can't move to a less stimulating one, change tasks. This just may not be the time to do a complicated or difficult task. Instead, find an easy or simple task on which your performance will not suffer by the high arousal level of your present environment.

Being conscious of the things that increase your motivation and that decrease your motivation is necessary if you are to maximize your motivation. So be conscious of these things; achieving your dreams is much easier when you are motivated.

Bob A. Prentiss, the Non-Motivational Speaker, is the creator of the Model for Self Motivation and the author of the soon to be released book, iMotivateMe. To find out more about the Model for Self Motivation, and how it can help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, visit Bob at Follow Bob on Twitter @motivateyou

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Monday, 31 January 2011

Keys to Motivation

As a "Motivation Interested Individual, I have studied the subject of "Motivation." It is talked about a lot, but not very much is taught or written about it. It seems to be a word that escapes us. I often here people say: "Can you motivate me?" or "I need motivating." or "I've lost my motivation."

Part of the challenge in understanding the concept of "Motivation" is to understand what it means. We seem to have a distorted definition of what it is. Since we know that words have positive or negative energy connected to them, it is important that we know what words we are saying and what those words mean.

Let's begin our understanding into "Motivation" with a workable definition.

Motivation is:

1. Making a Choice for you
2. Take a desired Action
3. For a desired Result
4. And do it whether you feel like it or not.

To me not being motivated is just plain LAZY. If you have made a commitment to do something positive in your life, then DO IT. As I have heard one man say "Get er done." Don't give up, continue on with your plan.

I have read "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Therefore to continue to remain motivated is to keep the right thoughts in our mind or heart. And we will do as our mind tells us either positive or negative.

I know as I come in from a hard day at work, I hear my mind saying, "you need rest" don't do what you have committed to do. Therefore if you listen to your thoughts, you will not be committed to your choice for action and a result that you want.

Randy is a Long Term Care Nursing Home Administrator. He travels out of the home office in Plano, Texas.
He also has been in the home based business for over 4 years and enjoys helping others to be successful in a home based business without making many foolish mistakes.

Friday, 28 January 2011

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