Thursday, 14 February 2013

Todays diary

0900 – 14/02/2012 I woke up, realised it was Valentine ’s Day gave my husband his card, made in porridge and fruit breakfast for him & I and sent him on his way to work. 1000 I decided to have a shower and get dressed and put my feet up whilst watching a documentary about the heart. I found out that every day, your heart beats about 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood round your body. Isn’t that amazing that 1 muscle alone could do that? 1100 I decided that after the documentary there was just the usual “day time” TV on and we all know how rubbish that can be! So I thought I had 3 hours to spare to do some work. I usually work in the spare room to I wandered in turned my laptop on and started by looking through my emails. I had 3 unopened emails all with good news; 1. From google Ads telling me that my cheque for $400/£258 was being sent out today and I would receive it in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I thought to myself whilst reading this email. I though what did I do to get this money? Well the simple answer is nothing I just set it up. I felt ever so jammy. 2. I opened this email and thought to myself; wow this is very long but it was from an old friend I haven’t heard from for a while so I thought I’d skim through as after all I had the intention of advertising my business today. Skimming through the 1st paragraph or so I decided that because of the content I’d read it properly. She’s away on holiday and got a little sunburn but on the plus side she’s having a great time. 3. Another to say I have money coming! I cannot believe this! Another $18/£12! Okay so it’s really not much but as I like to remember my father saying in for a penny in for a pound. 1137 I start to add traffic and advertising, I love it I can socialise whilst I’m doing it, it’s that easy. I can chat on facebook whilst I’m working and catch up with other friends & family. 1302 Here I am, writing this blog & eating my BLT French stick. I’ve decided I’ve done my work for the day as there is little else to do. Knowing I have money coming in is fantastic news as the last couple of months have been hard for business with it being Christmas I guess but I’m up and running and feeling positive again. Plans for this evening is to cook a lovely roast chicken for my husband and I (unless he’s got a surprise for me because it’s Valentine ’s Day). Pack our bags ready to go on holiday on Wednesday. Cuddle up in front of a love film (probably A Walk to Remember) and fall asleep. If you want to know how easy it is go see for yourself, just click the link to mywebsite bellow: