Friday, 4 June 2010

Increase Traffic - Three Ways to Revive a Dying Site With Basic Site Promotion

Today's guest post comes from Rebecca Emrich. Rebecca gives some great tips and tools for reviving a dying site and says:

No one wants to deal with a website or a blog that once had traffic coming to it daily, but now does not. It is even harder to face when the site also had steady money coming from it, and it made a profit for you. Making money and then not making money from something is hard to deal with for most people. There are many reasons why a site can start dying, in terms of either regular traffic (the visitors or readers who came daily) or new traffic, but there are three ways which to build the foundation to revive a dying site. This foundation begins with site promotion.

Before listing the three ways site promotion is a must, there needs to be a basic understanding of why a a website or a blog is not doing well. A dying site is usually the result of neglect, for example, in a blog, by not adding regular new content. It can also be be a simple lack of Internet knowledge on the part of the owner--they might have experience with writing but not with Internet marketing or SEO (search engine optimization). Still a part of reviving a site means that you the owner must fix why it is dying to begin with.

To help revive and promote a site, below are three things that you need to do. These also work when you want to better promote a site to the online community.

1) Links between your site and other site you have. Linking is a time consuming thing to do for most people but it is possibly the most important. To make a site more accessible to the casual reader you need both links to the site and links within the site. While this will not make money right away it will make the site more user friendly and create the idea that you as the site owner care about your readers. Most readers will take very little time in looking around for information if there are no links. If this is a blog it is easier to do internal links, as you can do so between blog posts. Linking also requires some keyword research which can be done using Google AdWords.

2) Content is a must: If this is a blog or if this a website there must be content and it must be something that a readers wants to read. Beyond simple linking if there is something that you have for others that they can relate to then you will need to write about it. This means that you need to have some writing ideas. The content must relate to the topic on the your site and it should be written so that most readers have a reason to stay longer than 15 seconds. Do not overly promote but give readers a reason to come using the power of online articles based on the content your site has.

3) Site promotion means comments on other peoples articles or blogs that relate: Writing a comment on another website or blog or online article is the best way to get more traffic. Make certain that the only link is on your name and that your comment is insightful and useful. Asking a question and be a part of the traffic which goes there more than once. The idea is that traffic will come to your site because you have taken the time to comment some thing of value on another site. This is site promotion at its most basic.

Rebecca is the author of many hubs on publishing on HubPages where teh hub based on this topic is found, called getting Traffic, and writes about writing on the blog called: Living a Life of Writing. She also writes a blog on publishing called the Ups and Down of Publishing. where she discusses challenges and views of publishing. Rebecca is currently beginning to publish lens on Squidoo as well.

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