Monday, 24 May 2010

Web Site Submission - Site Distribution to Promote Business

Today's guest author is Nickolas Jacques S Mcfarland. He's writing about Website Submission! Nickolas says:

The first step to attract customers to your website is to distribute your site to the top search engine (SE) indexes. SE submission should be managed properly. To make sure correct promotion of your web business you must publish your site to search engines which allows for better optimization. Web site submission is the process of giving a particular websites URL and title to search engines. The submission process varies in how long it takes and which search engine was utilized, and how much the customer would like to shell out. Ranging from free to very high costs, web site submission is an essential part in getting web site traffic on any web site. Free submission of website to search engines is tedious. It can take hours to publish to perhaps a basic bunch of search engines. Some websites condense this procedure for you, by getting your information once, and submitting it to numerous search engines.

Web sites, portals, SE's, communities, trade clubs, and broker based web sites, among others, are the kinds that provide directory submission capabilities. Many website submissions and other marketing based platforms give detailed information and statistics regarding their website visitors. This information is normally summarized into site profile, which may include the following: web site overview, audience demographics and psychographics, category listing and marketing opportunities as well as specifications and pricing info.

The potential advantages of getting indexed in popular search sites are known to everyone in the web development industry. Web folks do understand what opportunities they are missing out if they do not happen to be in key SE's and website directories. In that circumstance, it won't be an overstatement to add that webmasters are pretty concerned with search listings to redefine their companies and companies of their customers. Hence the importance of web site submissions and more specifically, the significance of web site submissions in the right manner. A perfectly created web site aimed at securing a good rank in key SE's and directories first must be published to the right forums, and the right way before it could gain a place of prominence in the listing.

Based on research, in the study of the behavior of search marketing people, it has proven that the top three listings in organic website submissions generate the most targeted traffic. This is a result of the following reasons. The eye naturally reads left to right, top of page to bottom of page. This reaction isn't any different for somebody reading top web site submissions to somebody reading a newspaper or book. Leading website submissions are the most visible to the internet user. The SE user considers the top website submissions to be the most relevant to their search, then the second search result to be the second most relevant, the third to be the next most relevant, and so forth. The possibility of a search engine user trusting on result lowers dramatically with website submissions listed below.

The top three website submissions in results created by Google are the most convenient and the simplest for the user gain access to. Top website submissions mean minimum effort for the end user. It is also highly unlikely that the user will proceed beyond the initial page website submissions in the results. For this reason it is so vital you have high site submissions and may be easily located at the top of the initial page in many popular search engines.

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