Friday, 8 January 2010

5 easy ways to make money for kids

There are lots of ways for kids to make money, and most kids want to make money at some point in their lives. If you want to make some extra spending money as a kid, pick something that you are good at or like doing. Here are five unique ways that you can make money.

1. Try taking pet pictures. Kids can make money by simply taking pictures of peoples' pets. This is for people that like taking pictures and that like pets. There are many people out there that are crazy about their pets. You can provide a nice picture taking service for them. Get a good camera, a backdrop for the pictures, a stand for your camera, and possibly some photo editing software. Advertise yourself by making advertisements, posters, and telling all of your friends.

2. Are you good at fixing things? Try opening a bike fixing shop in your garage. Most kids have bikes, and most kids will break their bikes sometime. Start a shop and charge to do simple things like filling tires with air or oiling the chain. If you have some money, you can do bigger things like replace the brakes.

3.Help old people. There are probably a lot of old people in your town, and many can not do everything in their yard or house that they used to. They probably need help mowing, trimming, landscaping, raking leaves, scooping snow, cleaning their house, organizing their garage, and many other things as well. Be very nice and make friends with them, and you will get paid quite a bit!

4. Try making money for kids by shoveling snow or raking leaves for people. Not only old people need their yards cleaned :-)

5.Make greeting cards. If you are a good artist, good with computers, or good at making things, try making greeting cards and selling them. You can make them by hand, or even on the computer.

For more ways to make money for kids, check out Ways to Make Money For Kids, a very informative site about how kids and teens can make money. It has many unique ideas for everyone and things to get you thinking about how you can make some money for kids.

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