Monday, 31 January 2011

Keys to Motivation

As a "Motivation Interested Individual, I have studied the subject of "Motivation." It is talked about a lot, but not very much is taught or written about it. It seems to be a word that escapes us. I often here people say: "Can you motivate me?" or "I need motivating." or "I've lost my motivation."

Part of the challenge in understanding the concept of "Motivation" is to understand what it means. We seem to have a distorted definition of what it is. Since we know that words have positive or negative energy connected to them, it is important that we know what words we are saying and what those words mean.

Let's begin our understanding into "Motivation" with a workable definition.

Motivation is:

1. Making a Choice for you
2. Take a desired Action
3. For a desired Result
4. And do it whether you feel like it or not.

To me not being motivated is just plain LAZY. If you have made a commitment to do something positive in your life, then DO IT. As I have heard one man say "Get er done." Don't give up, continue on with your plan.

I have read "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Therefore to continue to remain motivated is to keep the right thoughts in our mind or heart. And we will do as our mind tells us either positive or negative.

I know as I come in from a hard day at work, I hear my mind saying, "you need rest" don't do what you have committed to do. Therefore if you listen to your thoughts, you will not be committed to your choice for action and a result that you want.

Randy is a Long Term Care Nursing Home Administrator. He travels out of the home office in Plano, Texas.
He also has been in the home based business for over 4 years and enjoys helping others to be successful in a home based business without making many foolish mistakes.

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