Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Do you really think you can?

You've probably accomplished some things successfully
in your life so far, and some things you have wanted to
do, you haven't done them, or perhaps you've attempted
but failed.

Ever notice how you are able to accomplish something
when you're confident about your ability to do so? When
you believe that you can do it? When you really think you
stand a chance of succeeding?

Think about it: everything you've succeeded at so far - pick
one example from your life - how did you feel about doing that
thing at the time?

It is important to remember this because the key to your success
was the way you felt at the time. So if you can recapture that
emotion, you'll know what you intend to recreate in another

On the other hand, if you can think of something you've not
accomplished although you want to do so, how do you feel
about that thing? What thoughts do you have concerning that
thing? Those are the very thoughts that are keeping you stuck
in that situation. Thoughts of worry, self-doubt, fear. These
thoughts paralyze you into inaction. Inaction breeds 'failure', or
lack of desired results.

Realize something: the moment you catch the vision, the moment
the Truth dawns on you, the moment you realize that you really
can fulfil your dreams, that you can enjoy perfect health, that you
can enjoy great relationships and effortless abundance, in that
moment will you be free from all (innapropriate and destructive)
inhibitions. In that moment, every shackle that's holding you back
will be broken and you will soar to greater heights than you've
ever done.

This is because with that realization comes confidence, belief in
yourself and in who you are and in what you can do. This confidence
literally propels you into taking appropriate action towards your
intentions and goals.

How do you 'catch the vision'?

Take baby steps: begin to entertain the thought that, whatever
you desire to accomplish, *it's possible*.

Just play around with that thought. Turn it into a question if you
wish, eg: 'is it possible for me to create a viable income source
from my online marketing business, such that I can pay my
mortgage and my parents' mortage purely from that income?'
Then answer to yourself 'it is possible'.

Confession: The above question was exactly what I asked myself
a couple years ago - I'd had an online business but had let it stay
dormant, until I got brutally honest with myself and realized that the
real reason for my not working that business was that I didn't
believe it could work for me. I didn't believe I could use it as a
vehicle to achieve my dreams. When I realized this truth, I quickly
corrected myself, realized that it was indeed possible for me to
earn solid income from that business, and immediately felt
fired up to actually do the business.

Long story short, in a couple of months I was not only earning
some income (started out small but has been increasing since),
and in fact I now receive weekly cheques from the company I
work with, I also 'advanced in rank', within the same company.

All because I realized, and accepted the truth that I really could
do so. Read my blog to discover how that applied to my health as

What about you?

What dreams are you leaving unaccomplished because you don't
really think they can come true for you?
What desires are you leaving unfulfilled?
How much money are you leaving on the table?
Whose love are you missing out on giving or receiving?

You've got the power within you, to be, do or have anything
you desire.

Start by entertaining the idea, the thought, the concept of 'Possibility
Thinking'. It's possible. It is, you know. It really, really is!

Dr Kem Thompson is an International Speaker and Author. She teaches the beliefs and principles that govern the achievement of outstanding success in any area of life. To sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- visit 'Days of Success' at http://www.success-seminars.org/

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