Friday, 4 December 2009

10 Top ways how to make big money online

1) Write a Product and sell it!
Are you passionate about something? Do you have a talent in some way? Just write about it! Tell people how they can be better in that issue, how they can prosper. Include hints and tricks. People will love to buy your product.

2) Don't have idea on your own product? Sell other people products!
If you don't have any idea what to write about, you can search for other people's products and sell them. Become an affiliate in a click bank systems!

3) Be a blogger!
Blog about your favorite topic and write in a manner that attracts people. You can monetize your site with adsense, sell affiliate programs, sell advertising or even more!

4) Resell domains!
Pick and buy domains with really cool names that are still free and then shoot them for 10 times more expensive! Search for keywords which are commonly used to pick the good ones.

5) Write articles!
Some networks will give you money for how many view certain articles that you write get.

6) Become eBay seller!
Find product which is hot to sell. See if you can find any whole sellers with these items at an affordable rate. Find a reputable seller because there are many scams in this industry so beware.

7) AdWords ring a bell?
Join affiliate programs and then send traffic to your affiliate link through Google adwords. However, this takes some prior experience to master, such as being able to pick the appropriate keywords.

8) Be Paid to Click!
You click on ads and watch it for a short time and after that you earn money. The key lies in amount of referrals which you can purchase. After you have a great count of them, you earn a lot.

9) Build your own website!
Come with an idea which people love to hear about and make money from traffic and promoting different products.

10) The most important thing!
This is not a blueprint to make money, but it is a crucial condition to become successful. You have to believe in your goal, to believe in yourself and to act for your goal and you will achieve it.

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